In the early 1990’s, we started focusing on blasting common steel products as a co-operation (service) for various companies.

As we preferred not to go down the “sandblasting” path, which was already inadequate and illegal in the world at that time, and no blasting machine manufacturer was able to supply us with equipment according to our requirements for performance and productivity, we manufactured our first blasting equipment ourselves. We also emphasised that it would meet all the health and safety regulations already common on a global scale.

Some of our blasting customers became interested in having their own blasting devices and because they knew our operation, they clearly wanted a device from us.

So we began manufacturing and selling blasting machines. The year 2000 was a turning point for us, when we mainly started dealing with requests for blasting special surfaces. We have developed and manufactured blasting equipment for the aerospace, armaments, automotive and food industries, including the relevant process technology.

Another milestone was in 2010, when we developed the first robotic blasting device with an industrial robot. This started a new direction in our business – automation and robotisation of blasting.